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Pump Kit

Preassembled pump group for direct distribution or circulation. Allows the circulation of the thermal fluid, coming from the primary circuit, without performing any thermal regulation. It is used when the same flow temperature of the primary circuit is requested by the user in heating and air-conditioning systems. The group is composed of a pump, flow/return shut-off valves, shut-off valve at the pump inlet, flow/return temperature gauges, anti-thermosiphon check valve, thermal insulation. In this group, the differential by-pass can be installed only externally. The group is reversible (flow line can be exchanged with the return line).


Brass CW 617N UNI EN 12165



Connection Size
See table below.

Threaded Connections
M ISO 228-1 F EN 10226-1

Technical Characteristics

Water, Water + Glycol Solutions 30%

Maximum Operating Temperature

Maximum Operating Pressure
10 bar

Temperature Gauge
0-120 °C

UPM3 AUTO L 15-70 (DN20) UPM3 AUTO L 25-70 (DN25) UPM3 AUTO L 32-70 (DN32)

Technical Data

Product Code Pump Connection Connection Size Threaded Connections Pump
651.12 DN20 1”M – (1”M+¾”F) M ISO 228-1

F EN 10226-1

UPM3 AUTO L 15-70 (DN20)
651.13 DN25 1½”M- 1”F M ISO 228-1

F EN 10226-1

UPM3 AUTO L 25-70 (DN25)
651.14 DN32 2”M- 1¼”F M ISO 228-1

F EN 10226-1

UPM3 AUTO L 32-70 (DN32)

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