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Over 35 years of experience in manufacturing HVAC equipment

The strength of your team combined with ours

This model has high heating capacity and design flexibility.


We specialize in the manufacture of custom equipment

We possess the necessary skills and resources for the manufacture of equipment of any complexity

0 cycles

High efficiency allowing 95% of the air to be separated

0 years

Increase in the economic life of the heating system

Smart Filtering Solutions

Deaerated and free from all kind of dirt particles installments via specially designed filters manufactured by reinforced against corosion materials

Energy Saving

Different insulation technologies for thermal insulation, superior energy absorption and multiple impact resistance

Easy Discharge & Maintanence

Well-equipped design against troublesome and often neglected periodic maintenance


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    Kodsan products have original ideas and designs and are produced with today’s technology. Kodsan products, where technology and design meet quality, are long-lasting and environmentally friendly.


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