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35+ years manufacturing hvac equipment

The strength of your team combined with ours

This model has high heating capacity and design flexibility.


We specialize in the manufacture of custom equipment

We possess the necessary skills and resources for the manufacture of equipment of any complexity

0 cycles

High efficiency, %95 of air is separated from the heating system in just

0 years

Increasing economic life of the heating system up to


The air seperator separates the air bubbles in the water with the help of a specially designed stainless steel filter and discharges them from the heating system. Thus, problems occuring in the installation and heat transfer equipment are prevented, the system is provided to work healthy and efficient.

Energy Saving

Different insulation technologies for maximizing energy saving.

Easy Discharge

In conventional type strainers, periodic cleaning is often neglected, as cleaning and maintenance cannot be easily performed by the user. This process can be done very easily with the ball valve at the bottom.


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It has been proving its success in hot water systems worldwide while

Ali Baris Onurme

Export Area Sales Executive

Berk Tokgoz

Area Sales Manager - Aegean, Mediterranean, Southeast Anatolia

Bihter Donmez

Area Sales Manager - Marmara

Diana Atakul

Export Area Sales Executive

Guray Gokalp

Area Sales Manager - Central, Northern, Eastern Anatolia

Semih İsler

Export Area Sales Executive

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