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Kodsan brand stands out in more than 350.000 water heaters working actively all over the world

Kodsan is the first and largest enamel covered hot water storage tank manufacturer in Turkey. It was founded in 1984 in order to provide solutions for challenging hot water system projects as well as to make life easier. Functioning in a closed area of 20.000 meter square with more than 150 experienced employees, Kodsan manufactures enamel/ non-enamel covered water heaters, heat interface units and installment protection equipments. Additionally, with its extensive technical service network, Kodsan provides service for energy consumption management and heat meter inspection which enables the company to reach an entire circle of clients in the heating sector.

Kodsan began to its export operations in 2000, and became one of Turkey’s leading brands at the hot water sector with its 350.000 actively working
products and making their services reach more than 50 countries. Kodsan builds close relationships with its customers and associates, and prioritizes their satisfaction under a principle of combining high production capacity with punctual delivery.

Adopting the rule that constant improvement is the only way to reach permanent success, Kodsan aims to deliver their services to the whole world and become one of the top five manufacturers in Europe for short-term plans.


What sets us apart


In the line of Kodsan’s vision Quality is the foundation of an integrated policy on health, safety and environment and is fully embedded in our products and values.

Kodsan Quality Assurance System is identified with high quality and zero error. Regarding the basis of the manufacturing stage, instead of identifying and separating errors on finished products, the optimized process controls and avoids any defects during the manufacturing stage. The Kodsan Quality Assurance team focuses on eliminating all potential errors during the production process by applying process control tests that are following the most recent technology at Kodsan Laboratories.

Kodsan Quality Assurance system is structured in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. Products are designed in accordance with TS 736 and TS EN 13445-3 standards, are tested in accordance with TS EN 12897 standard, enameled in accordance with the DIN4753-3 standards and are insulated according to TS EN 12897 standards. The energy labelling according to the eco design necessities are being applied as it is stated in ERP EU No: 814/2013 regulations. Additionally, all Kodsan products hold the documents and certificates of the CE, TSE, TSEK, Solarkeymak, GOST Exemption letter, EAC Eurasia Customs Declaration following the 2014/68/EU Pressured Equipment Directive. Material selection is carried out according to ASME, DIN, EN standards.

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To be able to become a productive society requires conducting a qualified R&D investment

Design Center

Being a productive society, maintaining its competitiveness in the national and international arena, passes through a qualified R&D study. support innovative ideas and different in Turkey, in order to uncover competitiveness-enhancing designs, supporting funds are administered by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Kodsan Heat Technologies, by taking the title of Design Center as of July 2017, presents its innovative and scientific design projects to the market. The Design Center is a unit that operates as a separate unit within the general organization of an enterprise and engages in innovative and scientific design activities. The unit consisting of at least 10 design personnel with sufficient knowledge and skills in the field of design in the sector must be organized in a separate place.

For the design management of the enterprise, it must have the relevant technological assets, human resources, intellectual rights, project and information resources management capability, that is, all the infrastructure needed. Thanks to its design center, our company contributes to the national economy by discovering new products, turning them into projects and introducing the technological products it produces to the market.

Apart from the dialogues between countries, the established design center has proven to have a great impact on increasing the percentage of exports. Kodsan Heat Technologies Design Center maintains its development power by competing with countries thanks to its original ideas and designs.


We offer services with advanced technology and experienced engineering

Kodsan shines out with its advanced technology, high efficiency products and flexible production capability which can quickly adapt to the customer demands. However among these specialities, Kodsan prioritizes human health as well as the environment. Following this principle, all production processes and products are appropriate to the Europe Environment and Human Health Regulations (Reach and Rosh). For example;

  • WRAS certification for the used enamel as well as for all  the materials and products that contacts the drinkable water.
  • Kodsan manufactures specially designed products that avoid bacteria growth such as legionella which causes the legionnaire disease.
  • Kodsan is one of the limited companies that has a treatment facility.
  • Raw material which does not include heavy metals and with low carbon footprint are being used during production.
  • Maximum sensitivity shown for recycling through all production processes.


Kodsan, the first national water heater manufacturer in Turkey, is constantly growing its export network that reaches all around the world

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