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Our Ethical Values

1.1. Respect for Human Rights:

At Kodsan, guided by the principles of honesty and trust, we aim to provide products and services that are focused on humans and the environment, to expand the job opportunities we develop, and to become one of the top 5 companies in our sector worldwide.

We show great care and meticulousness in treating all our employees equally and fairly, and we expect the same attitude from all our stakeholders.

In recruitment, we seek qualifications suitable for the job without discrimination based on gender, language, religion, race, color, age, nationality, or thought.

We apply legal, fair, and competitive salary policies, rewarding success in an effective and objective manner.

In appointments, promotions, rotations, and rewards, we aim to increase our employees’ loyalty to the company by ensuring equal opportunities.

We provide equal opportunities and chances for the training, guidance, and development of our employees.

We create a working environment that promotes transparency and mutual respect, where cooperation and solidarity are the most important elements.

.We do not tolerate any form of discrimination.

.We provide our employees with clean, healthy, and safe working conditions.

.We do not permit any form of violence or harassment.

.We have zero tolerance for child labor, slavery, human trafficking, and forced labor.

.We responsibly use company resources.

See Working Conditions and Human Rights Policy

1.2. A Healthy and Safe Work Environment:

As Kodsan, one of our main goals is to create a healthy and safe work environment for our employees and ensure that our Business Partners also establish such an environment. To this end, we take all necessary precautions and provide training in occupational health and safety to increase awareness in this area.

We conduct our activities in a healthy and safe manner without risking our employees, contractors, dealers, and the community. To implement this, we work with competent people in their fields and prioritize safety in our processes.

At Kodsan, human life is the priority, and no job is important enough to be done without safety and health measures. Our employees comply with all legal regulations and our policies regarding Occupational Health and Safety, report unsafe working conditions, and immediately report any accidents, injuries, or unhealthy conditions. We do not come to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

See Kodsan OHS Policy

1.3. Fighting Discrimination:

At Kodsan, we respect the different cultures, traditions, and business practices we encounter in our operational fields. In this sense, we accept and value the religious, structural, and cultural differences of the stakeholders we interact with. We treat everyone equally regardless of religion, language, race, gender, age, and ethnic origin.

At Kodsan, we create a supportive, positive, and harmonious working environment, prevent conflict environments, and ensure that people with different beliefs, thoughts, and opinions can work harmoniously. We respect the privacy and personal space of Kodsan employees.

1.4. Workplace Violence:

We consider any situation where our employees are exploited, subjected to non-physical violence such as pressure and threats, and their security and health are at risk, as an element of violence. In any form of harassment, threats, and physical violence, we initiate the necessary legal process without tolerance.

1.5. Conflicts of Interest:

As Kodsan employees, we take care to avoid situations that may impede our impartiality in the decisions we make according to our roles and responsibilities, that could benefit us or our relatives, or give such an impression, and that may conflict with our responsibilities towards Kodsan.

In cases of potential conflicts of interest, we share the matter with our managers and the compliance department or official, avoiding harm to ourselves and the company. To prevent potential conflicts of interest:

.We avoid misusing our titles or authority for personal or familial gain.

.We ensure that our personal investments outside work do not prevent us from devoting the necessary time and attention to our duties at Kodsan and do not create conflicts of interest.

.If we have a familial or other close relationship with primary decision-makers in the commercial activities of our Business Partners with Kodsan, we inform our manager and the compliance department or official about the situation.

1.6. Protection and Appropriate Use of Company Assets:

We always protect Kodsan’s records, machines, equipment, fixed assets, and vehicles; we prevent their misuse, damage, waste, lending, leasing, and selling. Additionally, we avoid personal use of communication and transportation facilities provided within the scope of the authority and responsibilities required by our positions.

1.7. Anti-Corruption and Bribery:

As Kodsan employees, we never accept, offer, or propose bribes under any circumstances. We do not request personal privileges from subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, competitors, or customers.

All our employees are obliged to comply with local and relevant international legislation and related Community policies on combating bribery and corruption, and we expect the same from all our Business Partners.

1.8. Acceptance and Giving of Gifts:

Understanding that gift exchange practices can vary according to local cultural values, we conduct gift exchanges in a manner that does not contradict Kodsan’s principles and policies, does not damage our reputation, and does not constitute a legal offense. We always avoid accepting and offering gifts, grants, or hospitality that could positively or negatively influence commercial decisions.

1.8.1. Implementation Principles:

Kodsan Employees;

can accept and/or give gifts that comply with the conditions stated in the 1.8. clause, within the framework defined in the clause Acceptable and Unacceptable Gifts:
 Kodsan employees can give and receive entertainment, hospitality, and dining within acceptable business standards.

Gifts of symbolic value, such as awards and plaques, can be accepted as mementos of the day at seminars and similar events representing Kodsan.

Gifts or benefits that are directly or indirectly tied to a return cannot be accepted.

Accepting, offering, or proposing bribes and/or commissions under any circumstances is unacceptable.

Kodsan employees cannot accept cash without consideration or as a loan from subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, competitors, or customers, nor have them cover travel expenses, event expenses, or similar payments.

Gifts and promotional materials to be given to customers, dealers, and other third parties in business relations are approved by Kodsan’s senior management.

1.9. Compliance with Competition Law:

At Kodsan, we act in accordance with legal regulations and our company policies in all countries we operate, maintaining our reputation. We do not engage in any practices that violate competition law. Our fundamental principles under competition law:

.Compliance with regulations related to competition law.

.Avoiding agreements and behaviors with competitors or other individuals and organizations that directly or indirectly hinder, distort, or limit competition beyond the limits permitted by legislation.

.Obtaining information about competitors only through methods prescribed by legislation and jurisprudence, and using it by citing sources in all relevant documents.

.Avoiding behaviors that can be construed as abuse of dominant market position.

.Avoiding discussions and communications that could lead to or be interpreted as violating the above conditions in meetings, councils, chambers, professional associations, conferences, fairs, and other gatherings with competitors.

.Handling issues that could violate competition law within Kodsan with the same care and precision.

1.10. Export Control and Prevention of Money Laundering:

At Kodsan, in compliance with local and international regulations, we avoid all types of commercial transactions that may be seen as laundering crime proceeds. Therefore, before entering into a business relationship with third parties, we conduct the necessary due diligence. As an international company, we take necessary measures to comply with economic sanctions and export controls.

1.11. Protection of Insider Information:

We are aware that it is forbidden to use or share personal, commercial, financial, technical, legal, and/or similar confidential information belonging to Kodsan, our employees, or our Business Partners for our own or third parties’ benefit. We take necessary precautions to protect the confidential information we are privy to due to our roles and responsibilities.

1.12. Supply Chain Transparency:

In our procurement negotiations, decisions, and contract processes, we act in accordance with the current laws and regulations; we expect the same fair and honest approach from our suppliers. We ensure that the suppliers we collaborate with have adopted principles that align with our values and understand our ethical expectations. We objectively evaluate all suppliers’ proposals based on performance, quality, and cost criteria, and we may terminate the business relationship with collaborators who do not meet expectations, considering contractual conditions.

1.13. Data Security and Privacy:

At Kodsan, we are aware that using or sharing personal, commercial, financial, technical, legal, and/or similar confidential information belonging to us, our employees, or our Business Partners for our own or third parties’ benefit is prohibited. We take necessary measures to protect the confidential information we are privy to due to our roles and responsibilities.

We use the information we acquire only for tasks we are obligated to perform as per our job descriptions. We comply with relevant legislation and contractual obligations in the sharing of trade secrets and other confidential information.

1.14. Use of Information Technologies:

With an awareness of the importance and necessity of maintaining the integrity and accessibility of information, we store our company records in compliance with legal regulations and protect them against unauthorized access. Most of our records are collected, processed, stored electronically, and transmitted over the network to other computers.

.Access to company records is secured through personalized encryption,

.We use licensed products,

.We periodically update user passwords,

.We actively use and update antivirus programs,

.We keep our operating systems up to date.

1.15. Social Media:

Recognizing the role and potential of social media in today’s world of interaction, we avoid making statements or expressing opinions on behalf of Kodsan on virtual platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) without the knowledge/approval of senior management. We inform the management about our concerns or doubts regarding news or information we come across about Kodsan.

2. Communication and Documentation:

2.1. External Communication:

Open communication and honesty towards our customers and business partners are crucial for successful collaboration. Therefore, we convey our financial, social, and environmental results honestly and transparently.

On social media channels, we conduct ourselves respectfully towards Kodsan, our products, colleagues, customers, and business partners.

2.2. Documentation and Records:

We commit to ensuring that information, data, and documents related to our records are always complete and accurate. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that especially our business records meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability and are always compliant with current regulations.

3. Environmental Sensitivity:

We manage the environmental impacts of all our activities with a sense of responsibility. We are committed to identifying and implementing improvements and developments to minimize the environmental impact of activities suitable for our field. Kodsan has an “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.”

Kodsan aims for continuous improvement with an effective environmental management system, providing the necessary technical, financial, and human resources to achieve environmental principles and goals in every stage of raw material selection, production, and service activities.

We expect our employees to implement the best environmental solutions beyond legal obligations and support initiatives that help develop and spread eco-friendly technologies and increase environmental awareness.

4. Consequences of Violating Ethical Values and Policies:

All our employees are expected to comply with our Ethical Values and the law. Violation of our Ethical Values or laws can lead to reputational damage for Kodsan and may have consequences depending on the nature of the violation.

Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, disciplinary measures up to and including termination of the employment contract.

Legal violations may be subject to legal and/or criminal prosecution by a government official or court.

5. Process Officer:

If you have any concerns or questions regarding Ethical Values, you can seek support from your supervisor and the Human Resources Department. If the issue cannot be clarified by a supervisor or the Human Resources Department, the Ethics and Compliance Manager is always available. You can contact the Ethics and Compliance Manager at any time.

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