11.12.2 KBS-B BASIC SINGLE COIL WATER HEATER 800-3000 - Kodsan
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800 lt-3000 lt

Maximum Heating Power
66 kW

Maximum Solar Collector Area
19 m2

Heat Exchanger Maximum Operating Temperature

Heat Exchanger Maximum Operating Pressure
10 Bar

Domestic Hot Water Maximum Operating Temperature

Domestic Hot Water Maximum Operating Pressure
10 bar

Inner Surface Coating
Tank inner surface is enamelled (glass-lined) in accordance with DIN 4753-3 standard.

Manufactured in accordance with 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive, TS EN 13445-3, TS736 and TS EN 12897 Standards.

Insulation and Equipments

11.12.2 BASIC Tek Serpantinli Boyler 800L-1000L 1500L-2000L 2500L-3000L
Insulation x x x
STD/80 mm STD/80 mm STD/80 mm
OPS/80 mm OPS/80 mm OPS/80 mm
OPS/80 mm OPS/100 mm OPS/100 mm
Coating Blueshell- Recyclable polyethylene cover that provides heat-saving x x x
Vinleks- Artificial Leather STD STD STD
Equipment STD/Ø100 STD/Ø100 STD/Ø100
Sensor Tube STD/ ½” 2 adet
Cleaning & Control Flange STD/Ø125 mm STD/Ø125 mm STD/Ø125 mm
Electric Heater OPS/2″ OPS/2″ OPS/2″
Cathodic Protection Magnesium Anode STD STD STD
Electronic Anode OPS OPS OPS
Carrier Element Steel leg system mounted on a palette from 3 different locations STD STD-x x
Circle steel leg system that provides circular floor contact x x-STD STD

STD: Abbreviation for spare parts and equipments which belong to the standard products.
OPS: Abbreviation for the optional spare parts and equipments for non-standart products

Technical Data

Description Code Unit 11.12.20 11.12.21 11.12.22 11.12.23 11.12.24 11.12.25
Capacity V lt 800 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000
Insulation Type & Thickness i mm SPU/80 SPU/80 SPU/80 SPU/80 SPU/80 SPU/80
Diameter ØD mm 910 1010 1120 1310 1460 1460
Height H mm 2110 2070 2375 2280 2160 2580
Cleaning & Control Flange Diameter N1 inch Ø125 Ø125 Ø125 Ø125 Ø125 Ø125
Electric Heater Connection N2 inch 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″
Thermometer / Sensor Tube Connections N3 inch/mm ½” ½” ½” ½” ½” ½”
Domestic Cold Water Inlet Connection N4 inch 1½” 1½”
Heat Exchanger (Serpentine) Inlet/Outlet Connections N5-N6 inch 1½” 1½”
Circulation Return Connection N7 inch 1½” 1½”
Domestic Hot Water Outlet Connection N8 inch 1½” 1½”
Magnesium Anode Connection N9 inch
Blind Connection N10 inch 2″ 2″ 2″ 2″
Heat Exchanger (Coil) Surface Area A 2,85 2,85 3,49 4,50 5,78 6,57
Gross Weight G kg 235 260 340 446 640 715
Tilt Height R mm 2300 2305 2625 2630 2610 2965

The table shown above is prepared based on spare parts and equipments which belong to the standard products; all products have internal thread connection.



KODSAN reserves the right to change the product specifications, technical information and installation diagrams without any notifications.
All information written on this page can not be copied or used without permission of KODSAN. Kodsan can not be held responsible if any of the technical information and
schemes are considered exemplary by third parties.

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