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 General Features

KHA removes the micro-bubbles present in a constant flow stream of water.
Ideally located in the place where the highest temperatures and lowest
pressures occur in a system. The micro-bubbles are released through a
purge valve that automatically vents from the top of the unit.
Air release in a system can cause:

*Corrosion in heating systems and installation pipes
*Cavitation in the pumps and installations
*The bubbles adhering to the heat transfer surfaces reduce thermal
conductivity and lead to efficiency loss
*Failures in the pumps and other elements
*Disturbing noises in the installation pumps and especially in the radiators.

Systems that use air separator:
The operating principle of KHA is based on the collective operation of several physical phenomena. The active section of the air separators
is made of extended stainless steel sheet. These steel sheets have been placed radially within the body and create a strong
turbulence by interrupting the water flow in such manner that there are no problems in circulation. The turbulence motion creates
changes in speed and pressure causing the micro air bubbles to be released. Due to the molecular attraction force effect these micro
bubbles tend to accumulate on the extended metal surfaces.

Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Test Pressure 13 Bar
Maximum Operating Temperature 110ºC
Pressure Class PN16

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