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KODSAN is the first and largest enamelled water heater manufacturer in Turkey, it was founded in 1984 in order to provide solutions for challenging hot water projects. Working in a closed area of 12.000 m²  with over 120 experienced employees. Kodsan manufactures enamelled water heaters, accumulation tanks, air separators, dirt separators and balance tanks. KODSAN as an exporter has reached more than 35 different countries on its exports journey that started in 2002. It has been proving its success in hot water systems worldwide while being the reference in Turkey. KODSAN builds close relationships with its partners and upholds customer satisfaction as the principal value, merging high production capacity with fast and timely delivery.

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With the awareness that sustainable success can only be achieved with continuous development, KODSAN’s short-term objectives are to increase the export markets to more than 50 countries and to become one of the top five enamelled water heater producers in Europe.

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